chand baori

Harshat Mata Temple

The Chand Baori is not the only attraction in Abhaneri.

Adjoining the baori is the architecturally splendid and sculpturally beautiful Harshat Mata temple which was built between the 7th-8th centuries, but was destroyed and damaged by Mahmud Ghazni.

Many of its pillars, columns, statues now lie scattered in the temple courtyard and in the corridors of the structure. The temple was dedicated to Harshat Mata, believed to be the goddess of happiness and joy, who spread her glow and brightness (abha) around the town.

That is why the small village was called the Abhanagri (city of brightness), which over the centuries has become Abhaneri.

The scene from the temple courtyard is picturesque with green fields, narrow village roads, tiny houses and the sun playing hide and seek on the landscape.

Harshat Mata Temple by Liu JoeyHarshat Mata temple

Harshat Mata temple

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